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"Matchmaker" makes dreams come true:  Service pairs entrepreneurs, franchises.

Michael Picou, Pressed4time, Published by Commercial Network - September 2005 

I wanted to take a little time and thank you for everything that you have done for me over the past year and a half. From the very first time that I called you as a disgruntled employee, you listened to my likes, dislikes, wants and needs. From this, you presented several different viable options for me to explore. With me being very naïve to the franchise world, you displayed tremendous patience in leading me through the process. During the process, you showed great business knowledge and experience that I began to admire and respect. You showed me the importance of business opportunities that have low overhead and multiple revenue streams in these economic times. These things, I would not have taken into consideration on my own. With your help, I chose Window Genie, a small growing company that definitely has a niche in the market. The first year in business has gone extremely well. As we make our mark in the surrounding Chattanooga market, I get very excited imagining how big we can grow. You helped me find this company with limitless potential. Throughout this journey, you have been there to answer my questions or give me advice. Your coaching did not stop after I opened my doors.  

As I saw the potential of what we were doing, you helped me through my struggles of deciding to invest more in my future.  With your guidance, I became regional developer for Window Genie along with running my own franchise. This endeavor has shown me a different side of the franchise world. Along with that, I have been able to see how much you do behind the scenes for your clients.   Whether they are a big or small client, I have seen you go above and beyond what most people would do to help someone in their next career. I have also seen how you not only help prospective new business owners but how you have helped Window Genie make their processes and initiatives more robust to further their growth. I would like to say, what a pleasure that it has been to work with you. If you ever need a reference please send them to me.  Again, I would like to thank you for all of your support and help.         

Brad Roberson

Owner, Window Genie of Northwest Georgia

Regional Developer of Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee 

I am writing to express my gratitude and thanks for the coaching and guidance you have given me during my search for my next job.  Having been recently downsized from a major corporation, I was doing all the right things; updating my resume, networking with my industry contacts, staying focused and positive about the future.  That led me nowhere!  So, I found myself doing some soul-searching about what I really wanted to do with the rest of my life.  I have always dreamed of owning my own business.  Not because I want to fulfill some "get-rich-quick" scheme, but because I want to run a business that is run the right way.  Not one that is focused on quarterly and yearly financial results, but rather one that is focused on the customer first, now, and for the long-haul. 
So, I started searching out franchise opportunities on the Internet.  I spoke with a couple of franchises and with a broker or two, but was pretty lost and not sure what to do.  Fortunately, while conducting this search, I went to lunch a friend who recommended you as somebody I could trust and could help me with my search for the right franchise.
When we first met, I was immediately pleased with how well you listened to me.  Undoubtedly, my story is one you have heard many times before; of a long-term "company man" who was cast aside in the latest reorganization.  I appreciate your ability to draw my skills, abilities and experience out and then my dreams to run my own show.  Thankfully, you didn’t try to limit my choices.  Rather you laid out a cross-section of possibilities, based your understanding of what would make me most successful, and let me work through them all.  My wife and I talked through each of the eight options you presented and we narrowed the list down to our three final choices and started the exploration process.  When we came to the realization that 1-800 was the right fit for us, we had no doubt that, with your help, we had done the homework necessary to be sure we were making the right choice.
As we worked through purchasing the franchise for this area, I have been so pleased with your continued assistance and coaching.  Your recommendations for a CPA and an attorney were spot on, and I am excited to be working with top-notch, quality people who are helping me set up and run my business the best possible way.  Your contacts in the Chattanooga area are second to none and you truly have all the answers when I call with a question!
I am forever in your debt, and appreciate the friendship and counsel you continue to provide.  I would love to be a referral for you, should you need another voice to sing your praises.

Michael A. Kehrer, President

Vehicles Chattanooga, Inc


After listening to Bruce Krebs of the Entrepreneurs Source for over a year on the Talk Radio station I listen to, I was convinced that this was the Opportunity for me. I contacted Bruce and made an appointment. The consulting was very professional, and the choices were many and varied. Bruce Krebs helped me through the entire experience. His coaching, support, advice and insight were instrumental in my decision to start my own business, and in the choices I made concerning the same.     

I would recommend Bruce Krebs and TES for anyone contemplating the decision to change their life for the better by being in Business for themselves. Thank you Bruce and TES.

William Marsden



Brandy and I can’t begin to thank you enough for what you have done for us, our family and our new business venture! I can’t believe it’s
already been six months since we first came to you for help in figuring what we wanted to do when we "grow up". 
It’s been a long road to get to our grand opening in the coming weeks, but I can say without hesitation, we would have never made it without your help. I would have laughed if someone told me that I would be in the locksmith business twelve months ago.

Not only did you present us with excellent franchise opportunities for the both of us learn more about, you stayed true to your word
and held our hand through franchise territory negotiations and getting us through the various levels of the finance stage. 

I’ve told others that you are truly worth your weight in gold and there is no doubt you will get calls from them once they see us
prospering under your tutelage, in the near future. 

Thanks again for everything. World class service is becoming harder and harder to come by these days. That’s what we plan on
delivering to our customers and that’s exactly what you provided to us!

Steve and Brandy